#56 How Would You Retrofit That? Part 2

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With Michael Colligan & Greg Ehrich

12/17/18 – Lighting Episode 56(Full Version) – Michael & Greg 23:52

There’s still so much to know on how to retrofit your lighting so let’s not waste time and start watching the second part of the How Would Your Retrofit That? Special of the Get A Grip On Lighting Podcast. And, if you’ve missed the first part (Episode #54), make sure to check it out here -> How Would You Retrofit That?.

For today, Michael and Greg continue to provide solutions for your retrofitting problems. If you’re in doubt of what to do, their tips will definitely help so you could come up with the best option for your lighting. Upping your retrofitting game is the way to go besides, saving time, energy, and money is all we want. A lot of types of lighting fixtures were covered in this episode – from strip fixtures to troffers to wall sconces and many more – so start listening in.

You’ll Learn:

• [02:22] If it’s strip fixture, there’s no other way but to choose LED tubes.
• [03:21] Choosing ballast-compatible LED tubes because of rebate programs.
• [05:48] With track light fixtures, keep the track, keep the head, and find an LED bulb replacement.
• [07:06] Retrofitting options for 2×2 troffers that are mostly found in commercial spaces.
• [09:38] Retrofitting is environmental-friendly.
• [10:48] No need to replace if it’s under the category of unnecessary lighting.
• [11:59] Retrofits for Vapor Tight Fixtures depend on the lens.
• [14:40] Wall sconce issues: wall scars, dead bugs, etc.
• [17:39] Dark sky compliant for wall pack lighting fixtures.
• [19:56] What to do when retrofitting wrap fixtures.

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  1. Just found your podcasts……enjoy the talk. Ellis is “the man”. Watched him eat the dust from a CFL bulb back in the days when CFL was all the rage! Keep up the great work.

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