#55 Lighting Update with Mr. Edison Report Randy Reid

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With Randy Reid

12/10/18 – Lighting Episode 55(Full Version) – Randy Reid 35:38

It isn’t solely about illumination now. The lighting industry is gradually integrating new techs and going beyond its initial standard functions. So, how are the companies keeping up?

Today on the Get A Grip On Lighting Podcast, Michael and Greg talk to Randy Reid, the Editor for Edison Report, about the pressing issue of how lighting companies are handling disruptive innovations like AI controls, LiFi, etc. They emphasize that there’s a noted increase of consolidation activity of companies in the past years.

Michael, Greg, and Randy also talk about the issues that are still being faced despite the astonishing developments. As they foresee, the future for the lighting industry is quite promising for those who continue to learn and provide value to their customers. Learn also great tips on what you should be looking for when contacting your lighting providers. Lighting is not one-size-fits-all. Remember that you can customize it based on your needs and liking.

You’ll Learn:

• [02:55] Consolidation in the Lighting Industry.
• [06:00] Companies that are being sold off or have taken a completely different turn.
• [08:23] Is it a national security issue for the United States?
• [09:14] The visual light component as a commodity.
• [10:01] 3 Lighting Problems: Connectivity, Health Effects, & Internet of Things (I0T).
• [11:20] The issue of hiding surveillance cameras in streetlights.
• [12:40] Randy’s advice: Look for companies that have excellent track records.
• [13:35] Randy’s advice: Sell products based on its worth, not based on the rebates.
• [15:01] What’s a hit or miss in DLC’s lighting standards?
• [16:17] How distributors and contractors deal with customer’s lighting defects.
• [18:00] “The next five years is gonna be the most profitable years for guys who actually know lighting.” – Michael
• [19:07] Addressing Light Burnouts.
• [22:37] Benefits of getting a new fixture instead of changing the driver.
• [24:15] Limited warranties are not going to be an issue for LiFi’s.
• [26:09] Most of the time, lighting depends on an individual’s perception.
• [31:30] Having the option to tune your lighting.

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