#57 Ellis Yan is Back, The Return of the King!

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TCP LED Lighting

With Ellis Yan

1/7/19- Lighting Episode 57(Full Version) – Ellis Yan 51:37

Lighting geeks and lighting nerds, are you ready to hear from the expert?

In this episode of Get A Grip On Lighting Podcast, Greg and Michael talk to Ellis Yan, the founder and CEO of TCP International Holdings Ltd. to speak about the current developments and challenges in the lighting industry.

TCP is one of the big companies that manufacture light bulbs. Ellis has always been welcoming with emerging techs and innovations. Learn from Ellis himself how TCP managed to stay strong during the transitioning period of CFLs to LEDs and still remain persistent in educating and providing the people with the best quality lighting available out there. He also shares how they manage to be competitive in the lighting market and be one of the top providers of LED.

Michael, Greg, and Ellis also talk about the pressing issues right now – from the US-China trade war to consolidations to automation. Ellis has some interesting forecasts and insights about the future of the lighting industry so make sure to listen in.

You’ll Learn:

• [03:03] Who is Ellis Yan? Ellis Yan shares his personal stories from his experience during the Cultural Revolution to the time he migrated to the United States.
• [07:00] Deng Xiaoping and the Economic Zones in China.
• [09:09] The Birth of the TCP Company.
• [10:05] How TCP established formidable trading between China and the United States.
• [11:30] The boom of CFL in the US.
• [15:15] TCP’s shift from CFL’s to LED’s.
• [16:00] The use of mid-power chips in indoor LED lighting.
• [18:03] The retail pricing of the LED lighting depends on the cost of the chips.
• [19:35] How’s the current situation for LED lighting?
• [20:48] The 30% market penetration of LED.
• [23:00] Commercial vs Residential: What’s more challenging?
• [23:54] Ellis’ insights on the future of socket-based fixtures.
• [26:25] “I think the people that strongly push purpose-built are naïve to how lighting actually works.” – Michael
• [27:50] “Warranty depends on the performance of the chips.” – Ellis
• [31:08] Educate people about the lighting products they purchase.
• [34:34] Mass consolidation of companies in the lighting industry.
• [37:28] Is automation in the production line a significant threat to the labor force?
• [40:57] Ellis Yan shares his fearless forecast on what happens to the US-China trade war after the 90-day tariff ceasefire.
• [46:11] Ellis’ final words for the Get A Grip On Lighting Podcast listeners!

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  1. Great podcast. I’d like to hear more about how to you all responsibly communicate with customers about the limitations of LED’s lifespans without down playing their longevity benefits and undermining manufacturers claims.

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