#54 How Would You Retrofit That?

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With Michael Colligan & Greg Ehrich

12/3/18 – Lighting Episode 54(Full Version) – Michael & Greg 30:37

When you’re about to do upgrades or retrofits, knowing the specifications of a lighting fixture is just the start. So, what are other things to consider when retrofitting?

In this episode of the Get A Grip On Lighting Podcast, Michael and Greg share their insights on the retrofit strategies you should do depending on a lighting fixture’s technical specifications. Everything is covered since a lot of different lighting fixtures are highlighted today. They emphasize that there are times when doing upgrades or retrofits are not suggested, and instead, replacement is the best step to go.

Discover the other external factors that should be considered aside from a lighting fixture’s type. Is it still cost-efficient to avail the same kind of bulb? Does it already cause flicker or glare? Is it placed indoors or outdoors? For outdoor lighting fixtures, Michael & Greg suggest getting new fixtures instead of retrofitting.

You’ll Learn:

• [01:30] Michael talks about his new podcast, Get a Grip on Life Podcast!
• [03:16] Upgrading to LED cob bulbs inside the bollards for walkways.
• [04:46] Being extra careful with an explosion-proof medium bay fixture.
• [06:29] LED vs HID Floodlights.
• [08:13] Find an LED Tube that could fit Fluorescent Signs.
• [10:40] Solutions for Plugin & Screw-on Flush Mount Ceiling Lights.
• [12:15] Why do Michael and Greg it’s over for Neon Lights?
• [13:50] Pendant Lights: Should you choose a plugin or a screw-on?
• [16:45] What people don’t understand about Post Top Lanterns.
• [19:57] Indoor & Outdoor Recessed cans.
• [24:25] Exterior fixtures (i.e. shoebox/area lights) mean new fixtures in the future.
• [25:22] The cost is too low now for new outdoor lighting fixtures.
• [25:50] How wind rating affects lighting & light pole selection.

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