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With Louvers International

2/5/19 – Lighting Episode 61(Full Version) – Louvers International 49:14

We talk all the time about lamps, ballasts, drivers, bulbs, fixtures, sockets, but we often neglect one of the most important components of a quality light fixture – the lens or diffuser. Diffusers come in all shapes and sizes and have a dramatic effect on the illumination of a light fixture. It’s time to give the lens a little love.

You’ll Learn:

• [02:28] Meet the people behind the Louvers International, Derek and Devin.
• [03:50] How’s the replacement lens business since LED ‘happened’?
• [07:14] Why wrap lenses have stayed stable in the market since 2006.
• [09:08] Gaining market shares from other players who already exited the game.
• [10:50] Glare issues with new lay-in fixtures.
• [11:50] Choosing the right lenses with the highest energy efficiency rate.
• [14:02] Retrofitting vs installing a new fixture.
• [15:15] What should be the lens for LED fixtures be made out of?
• [16:15] Yellowing LED Light Discoloration: Does it happen?
• [17:25] Lighting maintenance for dirt depreciation of lenses.
• [19:52] The importance of lens.
• [20:50] “We’re like fishes swimming in everything light.”
• [23:30] How do you choose the best the best lighting manufacturers and distributors?
• [26:43] Surviving the lighting industry as an entrepreneur.
• [28:24] Three Different Types of Right and Wrong.
• [29:17] Understanding the manufacturer-distributor dynamics.
• [32:06] Regulations on lighting supplies in Canada and the USA.
• [38:55] Having many options for the distributor.
• [42:30] Derek and Devin share some experience with customers.

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