#62 Where Connected Lighting Makes Sense

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With Shahil Amin

2/11/19 – Lighting Episode 62(Full Version) – Shahil Amin 33:52

There is one lighting application found all over the world that has a legitimate case for “connected” LED lighting- Sports Fields. On today’s show we talk to Shahil Amin of Hylite LED about the ins and outs of lighting sports fields, a majority of which are still lit by HID light sources. With the advancement of connected LED lighting there is a huge opportunity to gain business in this market.

You’ll Learn:

• [03:03] Using LED in Indoor and Outdoor Sports Lighting.
• [05:00] Lighting depends on what type of sports facilities should it be installed.
• [05:48] Why professional sports arenas should opt for LED Lighting.
• [06:20] Shahil’s background in the lighting industry.
• [07:40] Challenges that are faced in sports and outdoor facilities lighting.
• [08:46] Very low operation uses of stadium lighting.
• [10:35] Light output difference between LED and HID.
• [11:22] Does your lighting needs to depend on how small or big is the event your hosting?
• [13:13] The use of a mechanical shield to adjust the light output.
• [15:40] Are people receptive to making the switch to LED?
• [17:02] Energy savings in LED Sports Lighting.
• [18:00] Ensuring glare-free optics for sports outdoor lighting.
• [19:40] Do new sports facilities choose to install LED lighting?
• [20:50] Retrofitting sports lighting: Is it suggested?
• [23:00] Connected lighting in sports facilities (outdoor or indoor).
• [24:20] The best stadium lightings offer dynamic scenes/events for entertainment.
• [27:27] Do HID & LED lights inside the stadium have issues with 4k and HD broadcasting?
• [28:43] Livestreams of sports events: Will the lighting be an issue?

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