#60 Troffer Deep Dive

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Keystone Tech LED Lighting

With Michael Colligan & Greg Ehrich

1/28/19 – Lighting Episode 60(Full Version) – Michael & Greg 39:52

In today’s episode of the Get A Grip On Lighting Podcast, Mike and Greg share tips and the complete checklist you should follow when you’re deciding whether to replace or retrofit your troffers to LED. LED lighting offers greater lighting performance and higher energy efficiency which is what most commercial spaces need.

You’ll Learn:

• [02:16] Why do they call troffer a troffer?
• [04:30] Know the ceiling.
• [07:23] Determine the size of the panels.
• [09:29] Remove the obstructions.
• [12:17] Know the application and the tasks that will be performed.
• [14:47] Figure out the dimming preference.
• [17:20] What’s the perfect voltage for troffers?
• [20:40] Cleaning troffers.
• [21:22] Retrofitting vs putting new troffers.
• [22:20] Know the Types of Lenses.
• [22:53] Do energy calculations (e.g. Kelvin temperature).
• [23:20] Find out the ballast type, the age, the quantity per fixture.
• [27:00] Setting up the Lighting control system for troffers.
• [28:00] Michael and Greg describe the weirdest troffer they’ve seen.
• [30:26] What to ask your customer when you’re dealing with troffers.

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