#58 LiFi – Game Changer or Niche Product? With Randy Reid

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With Randy Reid

1/14/19 – Lighting Episode 58(Full Version) – Randy Reid 36:08

What’s coming next for the lighting industry?

Our guest, Randy Reid from Edison Report, is confident that it’s going to be LiFi. With just light, which can be found almost everywhere, people are able to connect with wireless data. It’s quick, convenient, and hassle-free.

So, in today’s episode of the Get A Grip On Lighting Podcast, Michael and Greg pay a visit to Randy’s office in Tennessee to get the most updated information and news you need to know about LiFi.

Discover also the similarities and difference between LiFi and WiFi. Can these two technologies co-exist? How does LiFi’s security features compare with WiFi’s? What kind of users does the LiFi tech really cater on?

This episode offers a good introduction for companies who want to jump in this latest tech. Lighting companies might be having doubts whether LiFi can be suitable for retrofitting. Randy presents good points on how LiFi can be valuable not just to the lighting industry but the other sectors as well so tune in to start learning.

You’ll Learn:

• [02:50] LiFi is the future of the lighting industry.
• [03:40] The Two Types of LiFi: Omnidirectional & Unidirectional.
• [04:57] Why is LiFi Technology booming in France?
• [06:00] LiFi has 10000x greater bandwidth than WiFi.
• [07:50] Does LiFi eliminate the instability of WiFi tech?
• [08:40] The difference between the right to secrecy and the right to privacy.
• [10:08] Do you need to see visible light to experience the LiFi technology?
• [10:55] Everything you need to know before diving into 5G.
• [12:55] The Process of Retrofitting the LiFi Technologies(One-Way & Two-way).
• [15:40] “LiFi will not replace WiFi.” – Randy
• [17:12] The question of security in LiFi and WiFi.
• [18:42] A Quick Overview of the History of Artificial Light.
• [21:09] LiFi’s security features can change industries for the better.
• [24:55] Latency in WiFi technology.
• [25:30] How lighting affects productivity.
• [26:54] LiFi’s Role in Lighting-as-a-Service (LaaS).
• [28:55] When do we get to experience the Two-Way LiFi fully?
• [31:10] Demonstration of how LiFi works.

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Disenchanted Night: The Industrialization of Light in the Nineteenth Century by Wolfgang Schivelbusch on Amazon

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