#53 The LED Tinkerer

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With Wes the Tinkerer

11/26/18 – Lighting Episode 53(Full Version) – Wes The LED Tinkerer 11:53

In this episode of the show, Michael sits down with Wes, a self-proclaimed LED Tinkerer. Wes wandered into Michael’s store in Toronto, Canada, and asked to speak to the owner. Michael, seizing the opportunity to create content, threw Wes into the studio and asked him to explain his tinkering.

Wes has taken the driver out of an LED fixture and connected it directly to DC current, and then tested the connection to show the LED chip’s power consumption is only 1/4 of a Watt. Michael asks questions for details of what makes it work before giving Wes another project to tackle in the form of illuminating an LED tube.

Will Wes return with the project tackled? Hopefully we will see in a future episode.

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  1. This guy is selling LED lamps and fixtures, and has a podcast but doesn’t even understand how LEDs work? This is not new information for anyone.

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