#52 Remember Halogen?

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With Michael Colligan & Greg Ehrich

11/19/18 – Lighting Episode 52(Full Version) – Michael & Greg 19:05

Today on Get a Grip On Lighting Podcast, Michael and Greg walk down the memory lane of the lighting, design, and tech industry!

Discover what changed and what stayed throughout the years. We focus on the evolving applications, technicalities, & demographics in modern lighting. Michael and Greg share their experiences in how lighting designers, distributors, and consumers have changed their choices because of the growing options in lighting.

Learn what has improved in terms of aesthetics and performance for lighting fixtures. They also talk about the problematic shift in how people perceive ‘good’ lighting. Should consumers prioritize on high energy savings or on the good light output quality it offers? Michael believes that energy efficiency and lighting rebates, which came with the boom of LEDs, are just too questionable in how companies are offering them. Make sure to tune in to know more!

You’ll Learn:

• [02:20] Light Output Precision of MR16 Lamps and LEDs.
• [03:40] Varying wattage for different lamp shapes.
• [06:10] Dimmed light source vs. low wattage light source.
• [06:40] IR Halogens are the best choice for showroom lighting during the pre-LED era.
• [09:37] What do people really care about, energy savings or good quality lighting?
• [11:03] Michael argues how every LED company is turning it into an energy play – talking about energy efficiency and lighting rebates.
• [12:13] Lighting designers have more options now compared to the previous years.
• [14:10] The Birth of Tunable Lighting Solutions.
• [15:52] What the lighting industry is focusing on during the past and today.

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