#45 Women in Lighting

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With Brenda Puckett

10/1/18 – Lighting Episode 45(Full Version) – Brenda Puckett 49:42

In this episode of the Get A Grip On Lighting Podcast, Michael and Greg talk to Brenda Puckett, the President of West-Lite Supply Co., Inc., to highlight women’s value in the lighting industry. As statistics show, executive and team roles are still filled mostly with men. How has it been for the women in lighting? Is there really a gender bias happening in the industry?

Aside from shedding a light on the issues of gender diversity, listen in on Brenda’s experience in the lighting industry. Brenda has known the ins and outs of lighting since she was 19. She chats with Michael and Greg about the birth of NAILD, how the lighting industry changed since the ‘80s, the regionalization of lighting business and the importance of communication between distributors and manufacturers.

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You’ll Learn:

• [02:15] How did National Association of Innovative Lighting Distributors (NAILD) start?
• [03:56] Brenda worked part-time for her parents in the lighting industry then worked for the New York Times and then went back to lighting.
• [06:15] Has NAILD changed since ’81?
• [07:58] Brenda’s experience as one of the few women in the lighting business during the ‘80s.
• [09:20] Why does the lighting business attract men?
• [11:45] Successful women leaders in the lighting industry.
• [13:43] Using minority status as a way to stand out.
• [15:10] Michael sheds a light on the reality of the Gender Pay Gap.
• [17:10] Women are not a coherent special interest group.
• [18:08] Take a step back and examine if you play a role in workplace discrimination.
• [20:09] Times are changing and discrimination continues to be reexamined.
• [22:51] As a lighting distributor, should you be exclusive with a particular manufacturer?
• [24:48] How important are the Big 3 Manufacturers (Philips, GE & Sylvania) when choosing a partner? Are they still relevant?
• [26:38] Where are West-Lite’s branches located? How are the sales of each branch?
• [28:00] The problem of lighting businesses is that it is regionalized.
• [29:00] Recycling used lamps.
• [32:32] How different it is in California when it comes with the requirements for lighting projects?
• [34:40] How has Amazon affected West-Lite’s operations?
• [35:48] As a distributor, it’s important to know the customers you really want to serve.
• [40:36] Brenda highlights the current trend in Lighting Distribution.
• [42:34] Finding a niche and specializing.
• [45:11] Having conversations with your customers.

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