#46 Who to Trust in Lighting

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With David Gordon

10/8/18 – Lighting Episode 46(Full Version) – Who to Trust in Lighting 58:19

With the threat of tariffs on importing Chinese goods, it looks like the lighting industry will be really shaken up. But is this kind of disturbance good or bad? What does it bring to U.S. lighting companies? How does it affect the consumer?

Today, we dive deep on this and more in this episode of the Get A Grip On Lighting Podcast with Michael, Greg, and our guest David Gordon, the President of Channel Marketing Group. His company has long been helping manufacturers and distributors in the lighting industry with strategic planning, marketing, and market research.

Listen to Michael, Greg, and David lay out the pros and cons of tariffs. Discover also the best options for your company, the future of fully-automated manufacturing, some great tips on how to train your staff, and the latest trends in the lighting industry as observed by David Gordon.

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You’ll Learn:

• [02:59] David gives an overview of what the Channel Marketing Group focuses on. His company, a marketing consultancy, focused on electrical and lighting distribution at all stages of the channel.
• [05:05] Are conglomerate companies swerving away from the traditional channel?
• [07:22] Are the price increases in lighting materials (e.g. LED Lighting) due to tariffs and other factors significant?
• [09:15] Where are the tariff’s going to have an impact?
• [10:38] Tariffs will mark a price increase in every step of the process.
• [13:55] Manufacturers right now are being safe with their corporate strategy regarding the specifics of tariffs.
• [15:13] Are tariffs good or bad?
• [15:40] The only three reasons why tariffs are good according to Michael.
• [16:58] Do American lighting businesses need protection from Asian manufacturers?
• [19:12] “There is a colossal shift going on right now in the world.” – Michael
• [20:25] Full-automated manufacturing of lighting products.
• [22:00] Do manufacturers still prefer low wage countries?
• [24:40] Flexibility in the manufacturing facility will bring efficient cycles and processes.
• [27:11] According to David, there will be a decline in replacement lamps and pricing.
• [29:20] Let’s clarify: What is a lighting manufacturer?
• [31:36] Relationship with agents and manufacturers. What adds more value to you?
• [35:00] Lighting agents are more credible than the manufacturing sales reps because they prioritize the end-user side.
• [39:48] Tips on how to train your staff – for example, manufacturing sales representatives, lighting agents, etc.)
• [44:54] Give a solution that’s best for the customers.
• [46:20] Most distributors haven’t taught their staff to be lighting solution finders.
• [48:10] Where does the Channel Marketing Group see growth? Is it in new construction, renovation, industrial lighting, etc.?
• [51:10] David’s take on the consolidation within the lighting industry.
• [52:10] Private Equity Money.
• [52:46] Michael, Greg, and Dave discuss the sale of the GE lighting operations to Chinese firms.

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  1. Salvatore Monella

    No discussion of lighting reps putting together a “package”, for large construction projects. Truly a value added proposition, that most distributors are not equipped to assemble the package.

    This discussion seems more focused on low cost commodity items, and not spec grade lighting appliances, especially in the high end design applications. Too much NAILD focus on cheap light bulbs and Asian commodity goods.

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