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With Mike Connors

9/24/18 – Lighting Episode 44(Full Version) – Mike Connors 52:25

As we all know, people can buy almost anything from Amazon and get it at their doorstep fast. BUT what is often missed is the fact that there are far better businesses out there who offer the expertise to help you get the right item. Sure, there are lighting products on Amazon, but good luck finding the best one for your application.

In this episode of the Get A Grip On Lighting Podcast, we concentrate on the threat posed by emerging online marketplaces like Amazon. Mike Connors, an industry veteran and the CEO of Bulbs.com, a platform that specializes in providing replacement lighting supplies, shares how his business is dealing with the threat.

Discover how Amazon Marketplace Partnerships work – are the partners really benefitting? Is it just a marketing ploy? Are there enough profits for the partners? All these questions are answered by Mike Connors so listen in. Mike Connors also shares what the pros and cons of these kinds of partnerships, how their sales are going, how to capture the ‘glee’ of the Amazon experience, and many more.

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You’ll Learn:

• [02:26] What is Bulbs.com? Why venture into the lighting industry as a business?
• [07:26] Are Amazon and other emerging marketplaces a threat to the B2B lighting game?
• [10:18] Mike tells about the marketplace partnerships with Amazon.
• [12:57] ‘fulfilled by Amazon’… Is it just used to leverage their brand?
• [15:35] Amazon wants their marketplace partners to sell at the same price listed on their website.
• [18:09] Michael talks about the ‘glee’ customers feel when buying online – like finding the lighting they need by themselves make them feel fulfilled.
• [23:06] Does sales grow with the Amazon marketplace partnership?
• [24:40] Is Amazon Marketplace Partnerships worth it?
• [27:16] Lighting solutions manufacturers and distributors in the US.
• [27:53] Marking up the prices of products before selling them with Amazon.com
• [32:26] What is threatening businesses like Bulbs.com?
• [35:40] Getting great search results when selling online with Amazon.
• [37:50] Gaining your OWN customers without dealing with other marketplaces.
• [39:20] What types of replacement lighting solutions does Bulbs.com offer?
• [41:14] What percentage business is dedicated to lighting rebates and incentives?
• [42:26] Sales of Bulbs.com are distributed by population not geographically.
• [45:45] What day of the week sells most?
• [46:36] Top selling light bulbs and fixtures on on Bulbs.com.
• [47:44] Greg asks how can we capture the glee of the Amazon experience?

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