#43 Efficiencies in the Lighting Retrofit Audit Process

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With Jeff Seifert

9/17/18 – Lighting Episode 43(Full Version) – Jeff Seifert 49:05

No more pen and paper. No more delays. No more horrors of losing data. These are what SnapCount, an energy audit software for lighting and energy retrofit organizations, promises.

In today’s episode of Get A Grip on Lighting, Michael and Greg are joined by Jeff Seifert, the COO for SnapCount, to open our eyes to the wonders of this software. Will it really optimize the operations? Is it user-friendly, especially for not-so-tech-savvy people? Is it cost-effective? What value does it contribute in the long run? Everything and more will be answered by Jeff.

Discover also how Jeff and the StreamLinx team built the app from the ground up, how it is helping the retrofit companies right now, and what features are they planning to add to the already-impressive modules. Listen in to achieve an efficient implementation during the upgrade of your facility using SnapCount.

Connect with Jeff Seifert:

You’ll Learn:

  • [02:45] A Brief Overview of the SnapCount energy audit software.
  • [03:44] The concept of Supply Chain Portion.
  • [07:08] With SnapCount, your data is synchronized to a cloud-based system then it starts doing solutions.
  • [08:35] “We want to be a helper of the marketplace, not a market player.” – Jeff Seifert
  • [09:10] Normative de-identified data that are helpful for the industry can be forecasted.
  • [10:42] Who owns the data on the cloud?
  • [14:36] Do SnapCount offer the back-end data to retrofit companies?
  • [15:27] Jeff shares how SnapCount started and how it continues to optimize audit process for retrofits.
  • [16:45] The Snapcount app is a user-friendly tech which can be used on your mobile phone or tablet.
  • [19:05] The use of commodity cameras on mobile devices.
  • [19:46] How does the team behind the success of SnapCount do it?
  • [20:30] SnapCount is planning to integrate measurement of equipment.
  • [23:10] How do people switch from monitoring their lighting fixtures from using their in-house systems to SnapCount?
  • [25:40] The integration of rebates in the app.
  • [27:10] There are different subscription plans to choose from with different modules and features depending on how you do your lighting retrofits.
  • [31:55] Your data from your audit in SnapCount is easily exportable for your proposal plans
  • [33:50] Learn how you can avail QuickStart, a trial period to assist you in starting pilot projects.
  • [36:20] Cash savings and energy efficiency.
  • [40:10] What are the health implications of artificial lighting?
  • [42:40] Having a technology agnostic approach: Will it help your business?
  • [44:00] At the end of the day, SnapCount values what the consumers want.

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