#50 The Scrub Roundtable

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With Spencer Miles/Cory Schneider/Brian Huff/Josh Brown

11/5/18 – Lighting Episode 50(Full Version) – NAILD Guests 1:07:36

It’s the 50th episode of the Get A Grip on Lighting Podcast and so far, it has been amazing! Let’s celebrate today by making it fun and laid back. Michael and Greg chat with some of their buddies from NAILD over a couple of beers talking about anything under the sun related to the lighting industry. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a lighting distributor, manufacturer, salesperson, or a customer, you sure are gonna learn as they share their own opinions and perceptions.

Our guests today are as follows:

• Spencer Miles, Vice President of Pacific Lamp and Supply Company
• Cory Schneider, LC, CEO at Lighting Unlimited
• Brian Huff, President of Adventure Lighting
• Josh Brown, Vice President for National Distributor Sales of the Keystone Technologies, LLC

They’ve talked about a lot of the pressing issues in lighting like the rebate programs in different states, the concept of ‘future-proofing’, the threat of online marketplaces, the unwritten rules of staffing in the lighting industry, and many more. Discover also how they manage when they’re faced with the difficulty of choosing the best lighting product: Should they prioritize customer’s best interest or prioritize what fits in their rebate scheme?

The entire episode should be a good basis if you want to be in the know of the latest happening in the lighting industry so make sure to tune in!

Connect with the Guests:

You’ll Learn:

• [02:14] Michel and Greg introduce the guests for today’s roundtable discussion.
• [03:12] Can you really ‘future-proof’ your lighting?
• [08:00] Always choose the best choice for your customer.
• [10:03] Rebates from lighting vendors affect the decision-making and purchasing process.
• [13:25] Choosing the best product for your customer vs. choosing the best product that fit your rebate scheme.
• [18:25] Transitioning product sales to online marketplaces from the traditional call to order way.
• [20:13] The need of technical knowledge from the lighting salesperson if putting out full lighting packages.
• [21:37] Knowledge on lighting productivity gains & health effects of lighting can be worth a fortune in the future for lighting companies.
• [24:48] The concept of Map Pricing for online lighting distributors.
• [26:19] Thinking of selling overstocked lighting items on Amazon? Amazon has rules to follow which Michael discusses.
• [29:08] How’s the market for rebate programs in different states and countries?
– Minneapolis, Seattle, Arizona, Iowa
• [35:50] How should you disseminate news & info about rebate programs print and online?
• [38:07] Staffing in the lighting industry: How do you get the best sales and marketing people to join your team?
• [40:52] Staffing in the lighting industry: Is having a background in lighting necessary?
• [44:40] With prices going up, how should you pre-order and quote the prices of your products? Are tariffs good or bad?
• [51:08] What are you doing in your business to minimize your tax burden?
• [55:06] The value of sharing information with others (clients, partners, investors, customers, etc.) to remain on top of your gamin the lighting industry.
• [01:00:00] The upside of social media for the lighting industry.

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Your Resources

National Association of Innovative Lighting Distributors (NAILD)
Pacific Lamp & Supply Company
Lighting Unlimited
Adventure Lighting
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IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2018

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