#48 The Historical Developments of the LED Tube

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With Dr. Matthew Maa

10/22/18 – Lighting Episode 48(Full Version) – The Historical Developments of the LED Tube 52:41

It was just 5 years ago when LED tubes were introduced and since then many commercial spaces have switched to LED tubes due to it’s energy efficiency and environmental impact. However, in this short amount of time a lot of changes in LED tubes occurred.

In today’s episode of the Get a Grip on Lighting Podcast, Greg and Michael talk to Dr. Matthew Maa, the Vice President for Sales & Marketing at Aleddra LED Lighting. The focus of the show is some solid “lighting dork” stuff: the history of LED Tubes, recent developments, and the place it holds in the future of the lighting industry.

Discover what similarities and differences the various generations of LED tubes have. Dr. Maa also gives an overview of the issues that need to be addressed with the current generation of LED tubes. And, if you’re also curious about the features of the 5th generation of LED tubes, and the future of LED tubes in general, then make sure to listen to this episode.

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You’ll Learn:

• [03:08] Dr. Maa talks about his 9 patents and what Aleddra does when there’s overflowing production capacity.
• [06:14] Evolution of LED Tube.
• [09:23] Type B Double-end Tube is the earliest LED Tube.
• [10:58] Dr. Maa discusses the UL 1598C Safety Standard’s anti-shock protection.
• [11:55] Why do manufacturers prefer ETL Safety Standard over the UL 1598C Safety Standard?
• [12:59] Rewiring Gen 2. Type B Single-end Tube.
• [14:21] Issues with Single-end T8 tubes.
• [15:48] Effects of voltage difference and the construction of the fluorescent tubes on the electrical circuit.
• [18:22] 5 Issues with Gen 3. Type A Tube: Ballast Incompatibility, Ballast Dependency, Additional Energy Draw, Arcing & burn hazard, and De-Lamping
• [28:32] Gen 4. Type D (Dual-mode) Tube.
• [34:00] The bi-pin lamp fitting.
• [35:33] “The lighting compliance organizations are following the innovation.” – Michael
• [36:13] Flicker Issue on LEDs.
• [39:15] Anti-shock safety on LED tubes.
• [44:04] How will be the Gen 5 of LED tubes?
• [46:45] Are LED tubes temporary solutions? Or will they stay here in the future?

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“An Untold Story of the LED Tube and Why You Should Care.” By Matthew Maa:
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  1. This is a good episode, as always….. My question is for Greg – Where did you get that cool mini LED tube you called a keychain in the beginning? That’s pretty cool and would love to get my hands on some of those.

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