#64 Exterior Deep Dive

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With Michael Colligan & Greg Ehrich

2/25/19 – Lighting Episode 64(Full Version) – Michael & Greg 40:26

Have you checked your exterior lighting lately? It’s not just a décor, it’s what keeps you safe at night whether it be in private or public areas among other things.

In this episode of Get A Grip On Lighting Podcast, Michael and Greg go on a deep dive on everything exterior lighting. Discover the step-by-step process on how to do preliminary check-ups before you decide on retrofitting or acquiring new outdoor lighting fixtures.

Proper outdoor illumination in public landscapes is vital for everyone’s safety and it has since developed how authorities design and use them to be. Discover how important it is to take note of the power sources, the lighting components, the lamp types, and so on. Michael and Greg also propose having Kelvin Temperature Laws for lighting in cities and municipalities. Why so? Tune in to know more!

You’ll Learn:

• [02:43] The first step: Print the map (i.e. Google Maps)
• [07:30] Know the application and if there are security concerns.
• [09:20] Using blue light for external lighting.
• [13:30] Controlling multiple external fixtures.
• [15:45] Consider external lighting’s operating hours.
• [18:57] What kind of fixture is it?
• [20:13] The conditions of the pole and the base.
• [22:50] Check if there are already existing wall packs.
• [26:45] Choose warm or cool tones for your external fixtures.
• [29:27] Ballast locations and the mounting height.
• [33:05] How much room is in the outstanding fixture?
• [35:52] Kelvin temperature laws for lighting in cities and municipalities.

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