#26 Compliance Fatigue and the Poetics of the Zhaga Consortium

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With Dee Denteneer

Zhaga Consortium

5/14/18 – Lighting Episode 26(Full Version) – Dr. Dee Denteneer 46:30

Dr. Dee Denteneer is the Secretary General of the Zhaga Consortium. Zhaga is an open, global, lighting-industry consortium that is standardizing LED light engines and associated components, including modules and drivers. The end goal of the Consortium is to turn global chaos into order. Fat chance or worth a shot?

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  1. Hosts of the Show

    I think this was one of our most interesting shows. Especially for people that are manufacturing LED luminaires. Most people in the business have no idea what Zhaga is all about. If small manufacturers and Chinese manufacturers adopted it…. Is DLC on board with Zhaga?

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