#24 Got a Grip Thanks to Paul Hafner

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Lumax Lighting LED Fixtures

With Paul Hafner

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4/30/18 – Lighting Episode 24(Full Version) – Paul Hafner 47:10

Paul Hafner is the creator of NAILD’s education programs: LS1 and LS2. He was instrumental in the transformation of the association from a club to an educational organization. A legend in NAILD circles, many of the members have Paul to thank for their success but especially the hosts of this show.

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3 Responses

  1. Tom Butters

    Great to see my very very old friend on your Podcast.
    The world needs more Paul Hafner.

  2. Tina Hendrix

    Thank you Paul for your mentorship over the years and the great LC training you and Dan B. gave me.

  3. Delivering lighting systems that cater to the human factor. Great point of focus. Thanks Paul for all your contributions to our lighting education. Cheers, peter

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