#15 Lighting Health Effects with Greg Yeutter

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With Special Guest Greg Yeutter

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2/5/18 – Lighting Episode 15 (Full Version) – Greg Yeutter 41:39

Greg Yeutter is an “up and comer” in the lighting business. On this episode he shared his thoughts on the health effects of artificial lighting.

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13 Responses

  1. There is no way that LA payed 800 dollars for their municipal street lights, ie Cobra Heads

    • How long you been in lighting…. the original stuff was quite pricey. With installation yeah maybe.

  2. Ambient Temperature plays a big role in L70 life for your LED tubes and fixtures.

    • blah blah to L70 – as the host GAGOL says those are lighting dork metrics. Stuff burns out all over the place.

  3. Human Centric will be big for healthcare, especially alzheimers and assisted living facilities. Also Certain classrooms for education to help learning behaviors for certain children.

    • Yaya – pay more for your lights and I’ll spit nickels out of my but too!!! This is all niche and largely unproven.

  4. Greg Yeutter: lots of good/interesting information.
    Greg Ehrich: good questions and I always appreciate your patience.
    Michael: Dude, stop interrupting. And get a grip—4000K is the way to go.

  5. Hosts of the Show

    Hey Julie – noted I will try to keep the interruptions to a minimum ;). Thanks for your comments – there is a great debate coming about color temperature. Enjoy and thanks for listening.

    Michael and Greg

  6. I feel bad now for dissing you about interrupting. I was irritable that day—I apologize.
    I’ve enjoyed all the episodes and will continue to listen. I look forward to the color temp debate. I just heard there’s a local guy installing 5000K undercabinet lighting in residential. I’ll tell him to get a grip instead 😉

  7. Hosts of the Show

    Don’t sweat it Julie – on the studio wall opposite where I sit there is a huge sign that says: “Shut up and Listen.” Just a light bulb salesman trying to be a Podcaster! Thanks for listening.


  8. Sherri Bonacci

    Why invite an “expert” on and then not listen and learn, but just rebut on a topic you don’t know much about. I found this podcast very frustrating and a bit condescending.

    • Hosts of the Show

      Hi Sherri. Greg Yeutter is not an “expert” the parenthesis you used was useful. He is a commentator, a good guy and is learning. He “swam in deep waters” on our show and found out that maybe there are some unanswered questions. The next Podcast following his is with an expert on the health effects of lighting. Dr. Marianna Figueiro of the Lighting Research Centre. Check out that one, you may find it more to your liking. Thanks for the comment and the feedback and of course for listening.
      – Michael and Greg.

  9. David Willis

    Great podcast Greg, not sure what all the others here are going on about as I think you handled it pretty well. I enjoyed it anyway 🙂


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